Traveler’s unemployment rate, the number of ticket earnings, will be visible in the eyes wide

By | November 12, 2018

182 meter tall statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a blood clad who has become the world’s tallest statue. Which has become the tourist destination of choice of tourists across the country, not only in Gujarat but also in nine days of its popularity. Because in three days the 50,000 tourists were coming to see the Statue of Unity, which caused great disorder.

10 kms on Saturday at Kevadia Colony Long traffic jams were made. After that, the Narmada police force was employed. On Friday and Friday before the statue of the statue was stopped giving the ticket to the waiting gallery. And long lines were taken to take travelers’ tickets and sit in the bus and see the viewing gallery. Tantrism had caused a lot of systematic arrangements due to the heavy traffic congestion.

On Saturday, the district police chief himself came down on the road to clear the traffic problem. Apart from the Narmada police, the Vadodara range police was also assisted. On November 7, 11219 tourists arrived to see the Statue of Unity on Diwali day.

On the 8th day, on the New Year’s day, the Statue of Unity was seen as 17,280 passengers traveling by the tourists spent 368,855 rupees for the tickets. And on 9th November, there was a brother-in-law who used to buy 23666 tourists on a day-long tourism tourism journey worth Rs. Forty one thousand forty-nine thousand rupees.

That means, the government has only made a revenue of Rs 1 crore per ticket in just three days. On Saturday, on Saturday, 33576 tourists visited the Statue of Unity. This led to a one-day government earning of 33,62,860. In 10 days, 1,08,247 tourists visited the Statue of Unity.

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